Our app makes it easy for those giving away their gently used clothing by matching a giver with a receiver in their area who has the same style, allowing their clothing to have a second life. 

Justin Slayen and Aimee Yang

Fiona and Aimee
My big sister made a lasting impact on my life.

Justin's family friend and sister
The inspiration behind the idea!

Our Story

The inspiration behind Spruce stems from the personal encounters of Justin and Aimee. Over the last six years, Justin observed his two younger sisters receiving clothing from a family friend with two older daughters. The clothes consistently arrived in good condition, with some still having tags. Witnessing his sisters eagerly competing for the bag delivered to their doorstep every month, Justin noted the immense joy their family friend experienced when receiving pictures of the girls wearing her daughter’s clothes. The act of decluttering the daughter’s closet became not only easier but also enjoyable, knowing that the clothes would be beneficial to someone else.

When Aimee was four, her family moved to the US from Beijing. Her life as she knew it was changed forever. She was forced into a new community, having no friends and barely speaking the language. On the first day of kindergarten, she was partnered with a fourth-grade girl, Fiona, who taught Aimee the ways of elementary school and acted as her mentor from kindergarten up to fourth grade, where Aimee was then partnered up with a new kindergartner and taught her what Fiona taught Aimee. Having this personal connection with Fiona instilled a sense of gratitude and joy and it was this experience of hers that drove them to want Spruce to create a connection inside the community.

Our Team

Aimee Yang

High School Senior at The Branson School

Justin Slayen

High School Senior at The Branson School

Peter Zdrojewski

Faculty Advisor

Ken Kurtzig

Serial Entrepreneur - Advisor


As a giver, you can upload pictures and details of the clothing you wish to list.

As a receiver, you can enhance your personalized experience by incorporating clothing size and style preferences, guaranteeing that every garment selected will fit you well.

Pick up and drop off locations are designated to your zip-code.

Receive timely reminders for both drop-off and pick-up of clothing at the central location, as well as notifications about available garments that perfectly match your size and preferences.

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This app is under development in collaboration with the Impactree Foundation. The Impact APP Challenge is an entrepreneurship program empowering High School students to come up with and launch the next great social or environmental APP, and gain the critical skills they will need to become the changemakers of the future.  

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