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Our app makes it easy for those giving away
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For Teens,
By Teens

Alexander LaMonica was 15 when he was diagnosed with stage IV NS Hodgkin Lymphoma. All he ever wanted was to talk to someone his age who knew what it was like. In February of 2023, he and his classmate Sabine Fuchs applied to an app idea competition with their idea for a social app for teens with cancer. The prize: an internship with a professional team and $15,000 to build it.

They won.

"Teens, in particular, exist in an isolating liminality between child and adult medicine. Often the youngest or oldest in any given waiting room, our lack of recognition as a unique category leaves us with subpar, age-inappropriate resources that fail to meet our unique needs. We hope that by making a comprehensive online support platform just for us, we can change that."

Our Team

Alexander LaMonica

High School Junior at The Branson School

Sabine Fuchs

High School Sophomore at The Branson School

Peter Zdrojewski

Faculty Advisor

Ken Kurtzig

Serial Entrepreneur - Advisor

Patrick Carter

Medical Technology Expert - Advisor

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Discussion Forum

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1-1 Connection

Search for people to connect with using advanced filters.

Group Spaces

Focused chat spaces centered around diagnosis, interests, and more.


An aggregation of existing events and resources in one convenient place.

Designed just for teens

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This app is under development in collaboration with the Impactree Foundation. The Impact APP Challenge is an entrepreneurship program empowering High School students to come up with and launch the next great social or environmental APP, and gain the critical skills they will need to become the changemakers of the future.  

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