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The Impact APP Challenge is an entrepreneurship program empowering High School students to come up with and launch the next great social or environmental APP and gain critical skills they will need to be the future changemakers.  

Past Winners:

Teen Cancer Community App

App Name: Nectar Connect

Students: Alexander LaMonica & Sabine Fuchs

It is universally acknowledged that empathetic peer support is invaluable to our emotional well-being. Alexander is a 16-year-old survivor of stage IV cancer. Alexander and thousands of others across the country have spent weeks in hospital beds, away from friends, getting toxic chemicals pumped through their

Clothing Insecurity APP:

Students: Aimee Yang & Justin Slayen

We have seen firsthand the suffering from poverty and homelessness, and the worry one feels when they are not able to purchase clothing for their family. The lack of clean and sufficient clothing for underserved families is a large problem in the Bay Area and nationwide. Children are more likely to miss school when they don’t have proper clothing that is comfortable and fits, and when they do attend, they witness bullying and a decline in their self-esteem…

Teen Mental Health APP:

Students: Mckenzie Kwei & Ally Hsieh

Many people in high school suffer from the problems of feeling worried, alone, or sad, while other times, many people’s lives are so busy they forget to appreciate the things in life that make them happy. Sometimes when we have so much going through our lives, we don’t have time to reflect on the things that are making us happy or upset, and we can get caught in the whirl of life without being in touch with our feelings–often leading to…

We Invest up to $25,000 per team in product development and advisor expertise to ensure that every winning team has all the resources they need to create an amazing APP.  We work Intensively with the winning teams with the best ideas for four months, to take them all the way through the product development process.  Teens will be supported by a team of experienced product and operational advisors, UI/UX experts, full time APP engineers, and faculty advisors who will support the winners as they take their project from idea through to a live APP. 

The process culminates in a live APP on the APP store.  But the Impact APP Challenge doesn’t end there.  The Impact APP Challenge community will continue to support the entrepreneurial teens as they take their first product to market and listen, learn and iterate to evolve their APP over time. 

We want to encourage, inspire and empower teens to become the innovative leaders we need to address our biggest environmental and social challenges.

Students learn invaluable lessons:

1. Unleashing Personal Potential: Discovering that extraordinary solutions can emerge from ordinary students, cultivating self-confidence, persistence, and the ability to execute their visionary ideas.

2. Growth Mindset:
Understanding that ideas alone are not enough; embracing the willingness to take risks, try new approaches, and transform ideas into tangible actions that make a real difference.

3. Technology as a Catalyst:
Recognizing the transformative power of technology as a valuable tool to address pressing social and environmental challenges.

4. The Value of Feedback:
Appreciating the critical role of user feedback in shaping success, and actively seeking and incorporating feedback early and often.

5. Students as Change-Makers:
Embracing the belief that students have the power to be the driving force for change, realizing the significance of taking responsibility for creating a better world.

6. Mastering the Innovation Process:
Learning the art of product innovation, including product launch, hypothesis testing, embracing failures as learning opportunities, and iterative refinement.

7. Effective Communication:
Developing the ability to effectively communicate ideas, visions, and solutions to various stakeholders, leveraging different channels and platforms.

8. Collaboration and Teamwork:
Understanding the power of collaboration and cultivating skills in working effectively with peers, leveraging diverse perspectives and skills to achieve shared goals.

9. Resilience and Adaptability:
Building resilience in the face of challenges, setbacks, and failures, and developing adaptability to adjust strategies and approaches as needed.

10. Leadership and Initiative:
Cultivating leadership qualities and taking initiative to initiate and drive positive change within their school, community, and beyond.

The APP Challenge Prize:

1. Student-Owned Innovation:  The winning team will see their APP live on the Apple App Store, owned 100% by the students, establishing them as innovation leaders.
2. Product Development Funding:

The Impactree Foundation will cover up to $25,000 in product development and engineering costs, providing the necessary resources to bring their idea to life.
3. Valuable Internship Opportunity:
The winning team will embark on a four-month internship, collaborating with our team of experienced tech leaders. This internship experience will be a valuable addition to their resumes.
4. No Programming Required:

Students only need to bring forward their exceptional idea. Our team will work closely with them to transform their concept into a reality, eliminating the need for programming skills.

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