Impact App Challenge

Advisory Group Idea Lab

We can’t wait to hear your great App idea that solves an environmental or social problem.

The APP Idea Lab Prize:

1. Free Changemaker T-Shirt:
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1. What is the environmental or social problem you want to solve?

(Example) The amount of recyclable and compostable materials that are put into garbage cans and sent to landfill is much too high. I believe the reason is that students and faculty don’t put waste/recycling/compost material in the correct bins because they don’t know what should go in each bin. It needs to be much easier to identify the correct bin for each type of material and also it needs to be more engaging and fun. (750 characters max)

2. How would you solve this problem with an App?

(Example) For the Waste problem above, Our App would reward students and faculty for putting items in the correct bin by having the following features. Feature #1 the App would allow students to take pictures of their waste as they put it in the correct bin. Feature #2 - each time they save a picture to the App they get 5 points . Feature #3 whoever has the most points at the end of the month wins $50, so it is gamified and has a reward. (750 characters max)

If someone else developed this idea with you please add their information here.

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