In the face of extraordinary challenges, it is up to all of us to make a difference.  Impactree Foundation is dedicated to providing people, organizations, and society at large with increased access to and awareness of the tools, resources and opportunities that help them effect positive change in the world.

Since we launched the Impactree platform in early 2020 (impactree.com), we’ve found many ways to help people make a difference in the world: learning, volunteering, sharing and participating. However, our community of changemakers have been asking for a more succinct way to connect with and give to charitable organizations.

Impactree Foundation is a 501(c)3 that helps bridge the gap between individuals and the causes they care about, giving them a place to connect with and learn about a number of charitable organizations addressing countless issues affecting our communities, countries and planet.

Whether it be helping underrepresented communities, addressing environmental damage, responding to disaster relief, or any other issue facing communities local or abroad, Impactree Foundation connects change-makers with the best nonprofits and charities.

A major roadblock many of us face when trying to find worthwhile organizations to support is the hassle of having to do research and visit many different websites. Instead of spending hours Googling and reading charity reviews, Impactree Foundation is putting in the work by curating the best, most reputable charities for users to give to from around the world.

With our innovative platform, it is easier than ever for people to support nonprofits that are tailored to their interests in social and environmental causes. In addition to helping the public connect to the causes they care about, Impactree also partners with nonprofits to provide them with discounted services, giving them tools to address this decade’s most pressing problems.