Profit with Purpose:

Enabling Philanthropic Impact Investing for Everyone

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CataCap invites you to join us as we connect donors and DAFs to direct private impact investments in line with your philanthropic interests. 

Donate as little as $2,500 from your DAF, foundation or make a tax-deductible donation, and start supporting mission-led businesses and funds today!

What's CataCap?

  • A simple online platform that makes it fun and easy for donors to invest with purpose in Changemakers working to solve our greatest environmental and social challenges
  • Enables DAF contributions and tax-deductible donations as low as $500 to easily flow directly into mission-led businesses, unlocking a flywheel were returns are reinvested in even more promising social enterprises
  • Eliminates barriers for investors, fund managers, and entrepreneurs that want to share deals with their networks
  • Facilitates discovery and research on investment opportunities by theme, SDG, investment type, and community

Join Us!

CataCap makes it easy to find and recommend investments 

in line with your impact goals.

1. Find Impact Investments

Search our database, themes, and communities to find an impact investment opportunity.

2. Make A Tax Deductible Donation

Easily move money from your DAF or foundation by issuing a grant, or use a credit card, check, or bank transfer to fund your account.

3. Champion Deals

Post investment opportunities to our platform and spread the word as you discover great impact options that may be of interest to your contacts.

4. Earn Investment Returns

Review your investment performance via our secure platform to track returns and identify new impact investing opportunities to support.

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