About CataCap

CataCap is an initiative of Impactree Foundation, sitting atop its donor advised fund at ImpactAssets, and Helping People Help. Our lifelong commitment to making change irresistible and harnessing the transformational potential of the private sector for social change brought us together and underpins our efforts on this project.

The CataCap platform is currently undergoing Alpha testing, during which full entry to the site and access to investment opportunities is available on an invite-only basis. We invite you to join our community for future updates and impact investing opportunities.

Please contact us with any questions, input, or partnership inquiries.

Why Use a DAF To Invest in Impact?

If you are investing first motivated by impact, in things you are passionate about to change the world for the better and help people and/or planet, your philanthropic pocket can be very aligned with the value proposition to you (including financially). You can get a full tax deduction this year through utilizing a DAF. And in this way, you don’t need to be an Accredited Investor, much less Qualified Investor (as required for some funds). And it’s very streamlined with no K1s to you, no filing extensions triggered by late K1s and no further tax implications of any kind over the years. And, you can pool together with others to make investment minimums that otherwise would completely exclude many investors.

Why Use This Impact Investing App?

Even if a DAF sponsor allows such impact investing (most do not) at $25,000 or more per investment, the App allows you to deploy into funds and deals at a “micro” level with amounts as little as $500 each. Essentially, the App allows you to diversify into a customized portfolio through a donor account that has a $2,500 minimum to establish (vs $25,000) and costs roughly the same expense ratio as a $1M DAF doing $100K deals and fund investments.

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